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2006-06-25 Between the trees and the forest
2006-06-29 Melayu mudah lupa
2006-07-03 Politics, politics, politics
2006-07-07 The real concept of Islam Hadhari: halal gambling
2006-07-11 Without fear or favour
2006-07-16 Have a heart, mate!
2006-07-20 Dear Walter
2006-07-26 Burying one’s head in the sand
2006-08-01 It is glorious to be rich
2006-08-04 Please don’t spread rumours
2006-08-08 Dear Walter 2
2006-08-14 When east meets west
2006-08-18 Opinions are like arse holes
2006-08-22 What me worry?
2006-08-26 You made your bed, so go lie in it
2006-08-31 Yes Prime Minister
2006-09-06 Public property
2006-09-12 Hello....brader....
2006-09-17 Again, money talks, bullshit walks
2006-09-21 Walking the talk
2006-09-24 The monkey and the flower
2006-09-29 Indah kabar dari rupa
2006-10-05 Didn’t I tell you so?
2006-10-10 Halal and haram
2006-10-16 The height of hypocrisy
2006-10-21 Why I don’t go to the mosque anymore
2006-10-26 The day I out-debated the ustaz
2006-10-31 The clothes do not maketh the man
2006-11-04 Prevention for big hearts: sleep more and exercise less
2006-11-11 Melayu sudah hilang di dunia
2006-11-15 Ali Baba and the 40 thieves
2006-11-19 When the lunatics run the asylum
2006-11-24 If God says “Be!”, so be it
2006-11-28 Made in Malaysia
2006-12-03 You can check out anytime you like, but you can never leave
2006-12-07 Now it all makes sense
2006-12-12 I am a Malaysian
2006-12-17 Does an Islamic State really exist?
2006-12-21 I support the Utusan merger, says Mahathir
2006-12-26 Can PAS please respond?
2007-01-02 Throwing the cat amongst the pigeons
2007-01-07 My heart bleeds for Malaysia
2007-01-12 The pride before the fall
2007-01-15 Gerakan Anti-Najib
2007-01-20 C4-2
2007-01-24 Between fact and fancy
2007-01-29 I have a dream
2007-02-02 Fact, fallacy, fiction
2007-02-07 Three scenes in one act
2007-02-12 Judges in the pocket: The Malaysian judiciary saga
2007-02-14 Much ado about nothing
2007-02-17 Life’s like that
2007-02-21 America, a Shariah-compliant State
2007-02-26 The advent of the Cyber-Warriors
2007-03-02 What to expect the next time around
2007-03-06 Islam this and Islam that
2007-03-12 Why the need for electoral reforms
2007-03-16 Assaults on Islam come fast and furious
2007-03-20 The war started 80 years ago
2007-03-26 Don't shoot me, I'm only the messenger
2007-04-01 The REAL clash of civilisations
2007-04-05 Malaysia Today the first to register
2007-04-06 The great 'who's the boss' debate
2007-04-09 Spoiling for a fight
2007-04-14 Happy anniversary, my dear
2007-04-17 A challenge to investigate Malaysia Today
2007-04-22 Oppose the ISA or else rot in hell
2007-04-26 I am mad, fucking mad
2007-05-01 Aiyah! Kan dah cakap?
2007-05-05 Me, Wakil Rakyat? No way Jose!
2007-05-09 Umno gets your body, PAS gets your soul
2007-05-13 Of Pariahs and Pan-Asians
2007-05-18 The other side of religion
2007-05-23 Has this ever occurred to you before?
2007-05-28 ‘Riot’ at Kamunting: The real story
2007-06-01 Otak Udang, allow me to prove you wrong
2007-06-05 Rights? What rights? You don't deserve any!
2007-06-09 The never ending journey
2007-06-13 The story of datukships for sale (part 1)
2007-06-17 The story of datukships for sale (part 2)
2007-06-21 Understanding the Malay-Muslim mind
2007-06-26 Opinions are like arse holes, everybody has one
2007-07-01 Knowing the trees from the forest
2007-07-04 Aiyah! Must I do all your work for you?
2007-07-08 Mimpi di siang hari
2007-07-13 Okay, let’s rumble
2007-07-17 Malaysia bodoh....sorry, I mean boleh
2007-07-21 Sticks and stones can break my bones but names cannot harm me
2007-07-23 See you in hell Muhamad son of Muhamad
2007-07-27 Welcome home Pak Lah
2007-07-30 Raja Petra seditious? Hogwash!
2007-08-04 Are Christians lepers?
2007-08-08 How to make an ass of oneself
2007-08-12 For God, King and Country
2007-08-16 Dear Prime Minister
2007-08-17 Apa nak jadi?
2007-08-20 Muhammad son of Muhammad, I accept!
2007-08-27 Muhammad Muhammad Taib found guilty after all
2007-08-28 Raising our voices
2007-09-01 Stop threatening; just do it
2007-09-06 Firing blanks
2007-09-09 Get me to the church on time
2007-09-14 I have heard those arguments before
2007-09-19 Malu, malu, malu
2007-09-24 The Universal Declaration of Human Rights
2007-09-28 More on the Lingamgate issue
2007-10-01 God, save me from my friends, my enemies I can take care of myself
2007-10-06 Without rumours we would not believe in God
2007-10-10 Defenders of the peace
2007-10-12 Is it 200,000 or 20,000?
2007-10-16 Gelombang Kuning
2007-10-21 A serious crisis of faith
2007-10-26 Scam of the century
2007-10-31 How to fight monkeys
2007-11-02 We survived, yet again
2007-11-15 MCA: the Malay running dog
2007-11-17 The cause of the panic
2007-11-19 I am greatly offended
2007-11-21 Heat on the street
2007-11-23 God is watching us
2007-11-27 Pictures tell the real story
2007-11-29 How so few determine the fate of so many
2007-12-03 MARAH: Malay Rights Action Hoard
2007-12-09 A distortion of history
2007-12-13 Heal thyself
2007-12-19 Fruit from a poisonous tree will be poisonous
2007-12-23 All that is haram
2007-12-28 A Christian 'anointed' Muhammad as Prophet
2007-12-31 When good is bad and bad is good
2008-01-05 Substance over rhetoric
2008-01-10 The law of relativity
2008-01-16 Malays, the enemy of Islam
2008-01-22 Malaysia is a failed state
2008-01-28 The throw of dice
2008-02-01 Why I kick ass
2008-02-06 The people are the boss
2008-02-08 No future in the past
2008-02-13 Here in body, gone in mind
2008-02-17 When the going gets tough, the tough get going
2008-02-21 Let's demonstrate Malaysian Solidarity
2008-02-23 Zul Rafique and Azim Zabidi, PLEASE go to hell!
2008-02-26 A chip off the old block
2008-03-01 Suara rakyat, suara keramat
2008-03-06 Melayu Umno dan Cina DAP bodoh
2008-03-10 The aftermath of the 'bloodbath'
2008-03-13 DAP its own worst enemy
2008-03-14 I oppose an Islamic State
2008-03-16 A storm in a songkok
2008-03-17 Compromise works both ways
2008-03-18 The Azim Zabidi-BK Tan link established
2008-03-22 The Ugly Malaysian
2008-03-26 You forgot who voted for you?
2008-03-26 Others, not you, decide what you are (Updated)
2008-03-28 The real issues
2008-03-31 Elementary, my dear Watson
2008-04-02 The significance of the Monarchy and the two-thirds majority in Parliament
2008-04-03 Throwing the baby out with the bath water
2008-04-06 Coming of age
2008-04-09 Come hell or high water
2008-04-10 Prostitutes galore
2008-04-11 The brain sees what it is told to see
2008-04-13 Many apples in a barrel
2008-04-14 Come celebrate our wedding anniversary
2008-04-16 My version of the truth
2008-04-17 This little piggie went to market
2008-04-18 Father and son debate revisited
2008-04-20 Let us get one thing very clear
2008-04-21 Let’s cut this racial crap
2008-04-22 Are Chinese and Indians merely hedging?
2008-04-24 Is DAP showing its true colours?
2008-04-25 Let’s send the Altantuya murderers to hell
2008-04-29 The true JIHAD
2008-05-01 V. David, the man who made ‘May Day’ possible
2008-05-03 Towering Malays and the ‘hush’ on Peace Hill
2008-05-05 What is Islam?