【KLS报道】产自北国的Su—30MKM,其保养和维修不得马虎,马来西亚Gong Kedak空军基地的机库设有空调系统,温度维持在摄氏20度以下。



为了迎接战斗机的来临,空军耗用了1亿2400万令吉(1美元兑3.24令吉)为Gong Kedak基地兴建特别设施,其机库设计经过强化,可以抵挡一般炸弹的攻击,并在机库顶上种植了一些草木作为伪装。
1. 注意看机库顶上的种植草木伪装手法。
2. 经过强化的机库可以抵挡一般炸弹的攻击。
3. 机库内有空调设备,地勤人员正在为战机充电,每个机库似乎只能停泊一架战机。
4. 机库内的细节。
Gong Kedak基地的飞行跑道长度为2012米,宽度为45.7米。通过Google Earth可看到基地中间有一排白色顶的17个机位机库,惟KLS相信这不是Su-30MKM的机库,充其量只能做为前线战机机库。其真正的机库位置怀疑是在白色顶机库东边,顶上种有草木的圆形机库内。
5. 17个机位的机库,但机库顶上没有种植草木伪装。
6. 基地东边有若干个顶上种有草木的机库,怀疑是Su-30MKM战机的真正机库。
7. 另一组顶上有草木的设施。

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据瑞典斯德哥尔摩国际和平研究所(SIPRI)所发表讯息是,马国空军在2003年订购了为数不明的Kh-31P1反辐射导弹、150枚R-27超视距空空导弹、150枚R-73短程空空导弹和150枚R-77主动空空导弹,在2007年已交货的有12枚Kh-31P1、50枚R-27空空导弹、50枚 R-73短程空空导弹和50枚R-77主动空空导弹。

随着马国空军已声明会在2025年完成组建6个多用途战斗机中队的计划后,候选机种已成为关注点。目前,马国有『大黄蜂』F/A-18D和Su- 30MKM两种多用途战机,这两种战机都属于第4代战机中的佼佼者,但马国数位空军司令已多次声明『大黄蜂』的升级版,即『超级大黄蜂』F/A-18F一直是马国空军的首选。


影响未来多用途战机抉择的因素是,财政预算、马美和马俄关系、未来空军策划和作战条令的要求、美俄战机的维修和保养结果等,而后者的影响程度占了大部分。 Su-30MKM的保用期只有一年,一年后即可知道其维修和保养结果。因此,在这个多用途战机的竞争中,不到最后一分钟,都不会知道鹿死谁手。

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Jon 说...

Hi, my compliments on your site.

I was interested in researching the Hardened Aircraft Shelters (HAS)at Gong Kedak. I believe these HAS do not exist for a number of reasons.

Firstly, the circular pads for parking aircraft in the open are visible on Google Earth historical imagery of 2003. This was before the upgrade of Gong Kedak was announced. They are known as dispersal areas which force attacking aircraft to spend more time targeting the aircraft on the ground and expose themselves to being shot down.

Def Min Najib announced that RM200 million was spent to upgrade Gong Kedak from a grass airstrip and construct facilities. This sum would not be enough to build 18 HAS in addition.

Indeed the photos on your blog dated at latest June 2008 were probably taken in Russia. They appear to show a Russian HAS design: flat frontal face, rectangular sliding doors on the outside. A Western HAS tends to be polygonal in cross section.

西西留 说...

Thanks Jon, if I am not mistake, this article was first published at KLSREVIEW.com. This site have dead but I will try to contact the administrator and let him know about your opinion.

Jon 说...

You're welcome. If you're interested, this is what the shelters at Butterworth look like, and on Google Earth they look the same a Gong Kedak's http://www.skyscrapercity.com/showthread.php?p=87608767

They say Indian Air Force Su-30MKI's electronics have been degrading from tropical temperatures, though. I wonder if TUDM has actually built air conditioned shelters.

西西留 说...

Thanks Jon,

the shelters at Butterworth had been widely discussed in local military forum. And the sources said they are fully-air conditional.

In fact, unlike 3th generation, for 4th generation fighter onward, air-conditional shelters had been utilised due to equipment sensitivity. But from electronic point of view (well, I am an engineer), humidity is the main concern instead of temperature when you run the maintenance in tropical country like us.

Jon 说...

I came across many discussions from past years that spread the same unverifiable claim. But then I came across this video